Bio&SELL keratinocytes medium was developed for the serum-free cultivation of human keratinocytes without a fibroblast feeder layer.

The basis for the keratinocytes medium is MCDB-Medium, which selectively supports the growth of keratinocytes and suppresses the growth of fibroblasts, thus preventing the fibroblasts from overgrowing the culture.

ProductsOrder NoQuantity*
Keratinocyte medium serum-free with supplements
After supplementation, ready-to-use medium for human keratinocytes. Supplements are included in the price
BS24.553.0500 1 x 500ml
Keratinocytes Basal - medium serum free
After supplementation, ready-to-use medium for human keratinocytes. Without supplements
BS24.553801 1 x 500ml

* Minimum purchase quantity 20 x 500 ml. If you need smaller quantities, please contact us.



The basic medium must be supplemented prior to use.

These supplements are:

  • epidermal growth factor (EGF)
  • insulin
  • hydrocortisone
  • ethanol amine
  • phosphoethanol amine
  • BPE (pituitary extract)

All necessary supplements are supplied separately in deep-frozen condition and have to be added shortly before use.