Characteristics of the Freeze Protect freezing medium:

The serum-free, ready-to-use freezing medium Freeze protect from Bio&SELL is optimized for freezing animal and human cells (adherent and suspension cells). It contains no human or animal components and is especially recommended for cells from serum-free culture.


ProductOrder No.Quantity
Freeze Protect Freezing medium BS33.200.050 50 ml
BS33.200.100 100 ml
BS33.200.500 500 ml


Application and special advantages:

  • For cryopreservation of human and animal cells
  • Due to its serum-free formulation, it is particularly suitable for the preservation of serum-free cultured cells.
  • The specially optimized composition of the medium guarantees a very high cell viability after the thawing process.
  • Suitable for all cell types, including primary human cells and human cell lines.
  • The risk of contamination with viruses, BSE or interfering proteins is excluded as it contains no human or animal components.


Composition of Freeze Protect freezing medium:

Chemically defined and optimized mixture of salts, sugar, DMSO and other antifreeze-substances.
It contains no animal and human components.


Protocol of the freezing medium freeze protect

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