Typically, cell culture media contain the dye phenol red as a pH indicator. During cultivation of cells, the pH value of the medium moves with time in the acidic range. By a color change from red to yellow, the indicator shows the increasing acidification of the medium. If the pH shifts in the basic range, the color changes from red to violet. This color change allows a simple visual check of the pH value of the medium and thus the conditions for growth of the cultured cells.

In some cases, however, the presence of phenol is undesirable. Particularly in the culture of primary cells the use of media with phenol can lead to the formation of artifacts under certain circumstances. The presence of phenol can also interfere with the implementation of chromogenic bioassay or can even make it impossible to perform the test.

For all cell culture applications that are to be conducted in the absence of phenol red, Bio&SELL therefore offers special media which do not contain phenol.

Without phenol red are currently available: DMEM / Ham's F-12 and Ham's F-12

If you need a standard or special medium without phenol, please contact us.

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Even your very own special recipe is feasible. Inform yourself among customized media.